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The genre of Fantasy Fiction has become quite large over the time. Thus, is it not possible to present an all-embracing list of work. First of all, some links concerning the studies of fantasy literature:

A list of Fantasy Literature at Wikipedia.
A list of Fantasy Magazines.
A list of Fantasy Web Comics.

Here a some examples of the most popular fantasy stories, order by author's name:

The classical work of Fantasy

The English roots of Fantasy tried to create a complete mythical universe to place their stories. Thus, this subgenre of Fantasy is often called Epic Fantasy or High Fantasy.

E.R. Eddison
J.R.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis
George MacDonald
Michael Moorcock
William Morris

The 'Sword and Sorcery' work of Fantasy

The American roots of Fantasy Fiction where more influenced by adventure novels and therefore more centered on the plot of hit 'n run. Philosophical or mythical issues didn't play the same important role as in the European counterparts. Nevertheless, this subgenre was the first to introduce the character of the Warrior Women where a sword wielding heroine is the main character.

Robert E. Howard
L. Sprague de Camp
Richard Kirk
  • Raven,Swordsmistress of Chaos (1978), et seq.
C. L. Moore
  • Jirel of Joiry, The Black God's Kiss (1934), et seq.
R.F. Rivkin
  • Corson brenn Torisk, Silverglass (1986), et seq.

The humorous work of Fantasy

The world of Fantasy may provide a perfect setting for a humorous story as well. Thus, creating a new subgenre of Fantasy, sometimes, called Comic Fantasy.

Piers Anthony
Tom Holt
Terry Pratchett
Fletcher Pratt

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