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The most popular Encyclopedia

WikipediaThe free encyclopedia on the WWW
Encyclopedia Britannica
(Full Version)
The most famous English encyclopedia, first published in 1768-1771 (But it is Commercial)
Encyclopedia Britannica
(Single Volume)
The single volume encyclopedia Britannica
Columbia Encyclopedia Encyclopedia from the project Bartleby at Columbia University
Info PleaseA general web encyclopedia for all topics

Encyclopedia concerning scientific topics

Wiley InterscienceCovers scientific and related topics
Springer Mathematical EncyclopediaEncyclopedia of mathematic articles
Math WorldPractical mathematical encyclopedia
The Internet Encyclopedia of PhilosophyAn encyclopedia for philosophical topics (UTM)
The Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyAn encyclopedia for philosophical topics (Standford)
Philosophy PagesA dictionary of philosophical terms and names

Encyclopedia concerning mythical topics

Encyclopedia MythicaA collection of articles concerning mythology, folklore, and religion
Sacred TextsA collection of full-text books and ancient scriptures about religion, mythology, folklore
GodcheckerA mythology encyclopedia concerning gods and ancient beliefs
The MysticaAn on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal
Lexic OrientAn on-line encyclopedia for the orient and the north Africa region only

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