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Fun and Sports


Magic Science The course of time has separated magical from scientific topics. In Europe the fight for liberation of scientific thinking from dogmatic religion has given personal feelings a suspicious look. From the Reconnaissance up to now all achievements in science and philosophy generated a more objective view from the world.

However, in the ancient times there never was a such a separation. The major goal of the Sleipnir Project is to uncover these broken links and fuse the broken parts together once again. But, without any dogmatism neither from the religious view nor the scientific view.
The same liberation process from religious dogmatism has been achieved in the field of the Arts. Starting from the Reconnaissance Art has become independent and freed itself from the slavery of religious glorification. In our times free and liberal experiences of uncensored personal feeling can be lived out in the field of Fun and Sports. It is mandatory that the freedom must not be taken back. However, we still want to explore the ancient lore.

Browse, see Usage, all the different articles are grouped into several topics. These topics serve rather as an aggregation than an ordering. Heed more the links and interrelations between all these topics. Furthermore, compare the articles here with articles in the major Encyclopedia.

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