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Fun and Sports


The Sleipnir Project is divided into several topics which can be selected by the contents bar on the left side of each page. The blue bar at the top of each page contains the major starting pages.

Each page may contain links:
  • A link in red color like This Page refers to pages of the Sleipnir Project.

  • A link in green color like the Encyclopedia Britannica refers to well established web based encyclopedia or article collections.

  • A link in blue color like the Funnies is a foreign link page to any other page on the web which we found interesting to visit. Thus, heed our
    Web Content Disclaimer:
    "The foreign linked pages are in the sole responsibility of the providers who have chosen to make information publicly available on the web. These pages and the opinions or information contained within are the creation of outside parties and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Sleipnir Project".

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