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What is magic ? It is often defined as a the secret art to govern supernatural powers, see Other Definitions. Since all the fuzz about Harry Potter raves the world magic seems to be all we lack today. Why do we have such a strong affinity to something we had eliminated in the past for good? Does Magic and Science go together? Even, when you accept that magic can not be described by science the question, "what is magic", still persists. However, only your own personal experience will give you an understanding of magic. The feelings and reactions of your body will tell you what Magic Experience is all about.


Magic is often distinguished from Religion as being more mechanical and emphasizing technique to manipulate the supernatural. Whereas, religion gives explanations and guidance to handle ones live. Nevertheless, magic and religion can not be separated. Since the early days of mankind Magic and Religion were linked together very closely. All Mythical Traditions share a common knowledge. History and knowledge began at the Dawn of Time when man emerged from the world of animals.

But in our western cultural development magic has been banned as satanic practice. This attitude is quite incomprehensible since magic is as natural as nature itself.

Common Concepts

All religions and mythical legends from Ancient Cultures up to today share the some basic truth. It is quite amazing that all over the world the same magical principles and Common Concepts have been observed despite the vast distances. However, the most religions deny any relationships between each other. Especially, the most influential religions of today claim to be the only true representative of the universal power.

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