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Taking a closer look when comparing various religious traditions one find a lot of common understanding of nature. The common heritage from the ancient times can even be understood by an atheist.


The most fundamental concept is the way to approach numbers in a symbolical sense. The magic of Numerology may be a good starting point to navigate this realm of theurgy. Furthermore, it reveals a lot how we perceive the world. The scientific field of Psychology of Perception has a strong connection how we handle numbers.

The Belief in a Single Universal Source

That all religions are based on one Universal Source seems not to be well known. The western Christian tradition banned all believers of other religions as pagans believing in the wrong god(s). To take interest in other belief systems has been banned as Satanic practice. But, even if someone prays to various gods all having different powers the religious traditions all refer to a single source of these powers.
Furthermore, this one source is connected to Numerology and is represented by the Origin.

The Passage as a Symbol of Birth and Death

The life of any human begins with birth and ends with death. By a natural birth a baby has to pass it's mother's birth canal. To leave the womb into the open world in the beginning of one's life, To leave the world at death, both can be described by a Passage.
Any religion and any magical tradition has special ceremonies, rituals and symbols to emphasize these two marks of live.

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