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Talking about magic most people have in mind just fun and entertainment. We think of all the magicians on TV or in shows working with tricks and illusions. This of course has nothing to do with "real magic". Nevertheless, the feeling of wonder when watching such a show has something to do with magic. The only way to gain an understanding of magic and such things is by personal experience, that is to "feel magic".

Magic can be experienced

Magic can not be described scientifically, yet. But magic can be experienced personally by everyone. No special giftedness is neccessary. Of course there are some gifted people having the third eye and such things but these people can perform magic without any special training, sometimes without even knowing. However, ervery person can learn to experience "magical phenomenons" requring only an open mind.

Many cultures and religious traditions have developed special training methods to improve spirituality. In the western culture the Christian Church has eradicated any magical practice outside the church as Heresy. The only possibility to experience higher spirituality is to become a devotee. But of course you don't want to spend your hole live in a monastery and devote yourself completely to some deity.

Magical practices

Spiritual or Magical Practices have been developed from the early days of mankind at the Dawn of Time. The acquired knowledge has been bequeathed from generation to generation by personal training only. Thus, to participate in these ancient teachings one needs a teacher which has an unbroken link to the old traditions.

In the Asian culture the links to the ancient past are very strong. Practices like the Indian Yoga or the Chinese Qi Gong evolved into high sophisticated systems of teaching. Practicing these techniques allow a normal life and still allow to develop one's magical, and spiritual abilities.

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