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The Chinese Qi Gong or Chi Kung is an ancient art. The term Qi stands for the energy of live. The term Gong signifies work or practice. Thus, Qi Gong consists of exercises to evolve and to harmonize one's Qi.

In Qi Gong there are different exercises to work these kinds of energy. Furthermore, the concepts of the Dao and of Ying and Yang play an integral part as well. The theory behind Qi Gong is linked very closely to the old Chinese religion called Daoism.

In the ancient teachings not only the Qi but all three treasures called San Bao
San Bao
are to be strengthened and harmonized. To work the Qi is good for health and strengthening the body. To work the Ching is good for reaching longevity. To work the Shen is good to improve your inner balance and to reach a calm and stable mind. Thus, the Shen is often called the key to happiness.

The fundamental goal of Qi Gong is to bring oneself into harmony with itself and the universe. The starting point is a healthy body. Thus, all teachings intent to strengthen the body. Furthermore, Qi Gong can be used for healing. In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Qi Gong exercises are used to cure diseases. In the material arts tradition Qi is used to improve one's fighting technique. In other traditions Qi Gong is used to improve one's spiritual powers. Some exercises are even linked to Buddhist meditation techniques.

The training methods in the various Qi Gong Schools differ depentent on the goals of each school.

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