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The beginning of mankind started in the vast plains of Central Africa. When our ancestors emerged from the woods and started to populate the open savanna. The early humans were weak and unprotected compared to all other living beings which strove the open grounds. Thus, only by the utilization of tools, fire, and language was survival possible. Knowledge was the only power which made the first human beings superior to other animals.

Human speech and language was important to communicate and to coordinate activities. Furthermore, language was the only way to store knowledge over the generations. This knowledge was kept in stories, tales, and tellings which were passed from the old to the young. This knowledge was the actual property of a tribe, long before material property became important. Keeping, using and augmenting this knowledge was as important as gaining food and shelter. Knowledge and historical memory was the seed of all Ancient Cultures.

Since, this knowledge was acquired over many generations the link to the ancestors was very important and had to be kept for survival. Thus, Ancestor Worship was the beginning of the spiritual development of mankind.

The use of fire was essential for the human development. Fire was necessary for protection, shelter, cooking, hunting, etc. Protecting the fire was an essential task. Thus, a tribe had not only a leader but also a fire protector.

The fire place in the night was the right place for story telling. Thus, keeping the fire alive and keeping the connection to the ancestors alive belonged together. Retaining fire and knowledge and communicating with the ancestors were the duties of the first Magicians called Shamans birthing the early Religions.

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