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The wish to express one's feelings, to communicate them to others, and to preserve them in a fixed form is as old as mankind. At the Dawn of Time art was made of stories told at the campfire. These stories were not just for fun but were used to preserve knowledge and to create history. Other forms of art making like carving or painting stone and bone were added. In the early days there was no distinction between Science and Magic. Thus, the early forms of art had all magical properties. All the artifacts we still have from these times are magical objects.

When the first religions emerged art was used to depict and worship the spiritual powers. Starting from these early traditions art always was a integral part of religion. Up to the Middle Ages the most works of art had a religious intent.

When history became more complex and the early leaders became kings preserving the glory and deeds of these kings became a prominent part of art, too. History was never just an account of dates and deeds but rather the collected knowledge of a culture. Thus, to preserve the deeds of the kings is to preserve a part of the culture.

In the Greek tradition art became more independent. Exploring the realm of aesthetics was considered to be a by its own. In our modern time art has become a profession by its own. The forms of art have become vast exploring all senses of the human body. Some are more visual like paintings, photos, or movies. Other are more acoustical like music or dancing.

Art which deals with the unreal or with the supernatural is called Art of Phantasm. Genres like Fantasy, Mystic, or Science Fiction have become quite popular.

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