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The ancient myths of Middle Earth are a complex world of their own. J.R.R.Tolkien has created a new world based on northern mythology and Christian morals. The fight between good and evil plays an important role in his stories.

His first intention was to create fictional languages. But, Tolkien noticed very soon that a language can not exist without a history. So he created a history, a mythology, and a whole world around his languages. The plot is seated in the fictional world called Middle-earth. The term's origin lies in a translation of the Middle English "middel-erde" which developed from Old English middangeard or Old Norse Midgard.

Take a look at some links concerning Elven languages: Elven Languages, Ardalambion, or The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship. If you want to learn elvish here is a Dictionary. Try to TeX in Elvish with Elvish Fonts.

Furthermore the mythology has become complex enough to become a topic at university called Tolkienology. Take a look at Mythus which is a side with comparative mythology with an emphasis on J.R.R. Tolkien.

The book has been adopted by Peter Jackson into a movie trilogy lordoftherings.net which had a fantastic receive by the fans.

Here is a (small) link list into the Middle Earth web community

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