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The world was created by splitting the Dao into Sky and Earth. Thus, creating two appearances of the one which was unique.
Due to the splitting of the one there is movement where once was complete stillness.
With the movement there is now change and all which exists began to shape where once was no differentiations.
The one creates the two. As soon as Yin and Yang separate, Sky an Earth take their place. The clear Yang rises above and shines brightly. Thus, Sun, moon and stars are spread. The Sky moves leftwards whereas the three lights move rightwards. The bleary Yin stay in its heaviness creating the Earth. Thus, the sea and mountains emerge. The plants and trees grows. Since the mountain tops rises into the clouds, they are quenched with Qi and are fertile. If the Yin Qi and the Yang Qi are blocked from moving and can not mix than snow, frost and sleet are created.

Since wind and clouds are moving storm and rain is created.

In between Sky and Earth is the place where Yin and Yang blend and intervene. Here is the place where the Qi yields its power. The two creates the three. Humans and all living things emerge. Which is called the blended beginning. The human receives his live from the Qi of the Sky and the Earth.

The four types of birth: from the womb, from the egg, from the mist, and through chance, have a stopping point creating the six major points. This process is called the three creates the ten thousand beings.

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