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Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek myth. The Pegasus was the result of the ill fated mating of Medusa and Poseidon. It was born from Medusa when her head was cut off by Perseus. Tamed by Bellerophon it served as his mount during his adventures including his slaying of the Chimaera.

"But when Perseus had cut off the head of Medousa there sprang from her blood stout-hearted Khrysaor and the horse Pegasos so named from the pegai (=springs) of Okeanos, where she was born. Pegasos, soaring, left the earth, the mother of sheep flocks, and came to the immortals, and there he lives in the household of Zeus, and carries the thunder and lightning for Zeus of the counsels." -Theogony 280-286

When Bellerophon attempted to fly Pegasus to Mount Olympus he was dismounted by Zeus. Pegasus continued on and made it to Mount Olympus. Here Pegasus spent his days carrying lighting bolts for Zeus.

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