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The question

How does it all began ?

is addressed by all knowledge seeking cultures be it scientific or mythical. Take a look at some articles

A link list may provide to help to find creation myths on the net:

In most traditions like the world is born from the void or emerges from the sea. Another principle of the creation of the world described by splitting a unique entity into two parts.

Another trail of story follows the principle of birth. Thus, the world is born like a mammal or a human. The same applies to stories where the world is build by the flesh and bones of a creature or god. This interpreted to symbolize the seasonal change of nature; where natures "dies" in winter and resurges in spring. The new world emerges from the old.

Some of the above legends view the creation process as a natural process of nature. However, the most religions have personalize the legend of creation. Thus, the world was created by a Creator.
  • by Pan Gu in Chinese Legend
  • by God in the Bible
  • by Kane in Oceanic Creation Myths

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