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Christianity as a revealed religion goes back to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and his Apostles in Palestine (1st century AD, see History of Christianity). The name Christ (gr. christos, lat. christus) is the translation of the Hebrew Messiah, the one who is salved. The name Christos, was applied to Jesus by his followers, who accepted Jesus as the promised redeemer.


Christian worship is based on

  • church service
  • active charity
  • active proselytization
  • the belief in the Christian Trinity, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Passion


Christianity never was a single, unified community. From the Early Days of Christianity several groups and sects existed. The interpretation of the scripts, the life and teachings of Jesus was always a topic of dispute creating Schism and Heresy. Nevertheless, even up to now the Christian religion adopted other influences from other belief systems or religions.

Ancient Texts

The fundamental book of Christianity is the Bible. The Bible consists of two parts: the Hebrews scripts, called the Old Testament, and the Greek New Testament, which describes the life and teachings of Jesus. Some ancient texts of Christianity can be viewed at Sacred Texts.

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