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The shape and structure of our universe differs a lot from the way we perceive it. We are adopted to survive in a biosphere of the third planet of a small yellow sun at the outer rim of our galaxy. Thus our world is thin as an eggshell on the cosmological scale. We have a quite accurate understanding of our well known environment in where we live; i.e. for those things concerning our survival skills. The more we reach into the uncommon the smaller the understanding of the world's physical properties will become.

Nevertheless, all physical laws describing our physical world around us hold everywhere else in the universe. Thus we can investigate far away places by interpreting observations from there. We are trying to figure out how the physical processes should look like to create the observations.
Another way to create a realistic understanding of far away places is to create physical simulations.

The Simulation Tool will allow us to understand some of the astrophysical phenomenas. Especially those concerning gravitation.

Gravitation is the major force which determines the structure of our world on the astrophysical scale.
We will investigate two different topics with our simulations.
On the one hand we will look how our Environments like solar systems, stars etc. are structured.
On the other hand we will look at the prospects of Space Travel. Is it possible to visit other stars and how should such a spacecraft be build. We can simulate and investigate even some exotic propulsions.

Environments Space Travel
Solar System
Our Galaxy

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